Managing Duplicati in Linux

After installing Duplicati on my CentOS 7, it showed up as expected in System Tools. I was able to run it and the browser window opened, all looking good.

However, I created and ran a backup, I got a bunch of errors such as “Access to the path…” is denied.

I suspect that Duplicati is not running with root privileges so I’m wondering what I need to do to fix that.

Secondly, looking through the system startup list, I’m not seeing that duplicati got installed so if the machine is rebooted, duplicati will not be running.

So what do I need to do to make Duplicati run as a daemon with root privileges? I can certainly created a new systemd service but (based on my experience) I suspect there’s a bit more to it than that.

(Getting so close…)


I’ve not done much with Centos since around version 5 (and even then it wasn’t much) but if you’ve got systemd I’d assume (danger! danger!) it to be the same in as systemd for Ubuntu (note, the text in the post is off - “start” should be “enable”).

Also if you created any backup sets you will need to move them to /root/.config/Duplicati from /home/usernamae/.config/Duplicati

Thanks…that’s not a concern at this point since I’m still only testing. I don’t mind recreating configurations. Right now my only concern is reliability and getting down to zero errors while backing up

I think I covered the steps here: