Mac: Notarization required in Feb

Worth noting. This should probably get done for the next beta release if it isn’t already happening, since that release will be fixing issues related to running on the latest Mac OS.

All macOS builds are notarized and stapled, so we should be good.
The current beta is not stapled, but I can notarize it.

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Sounds like you’re already on top of it, which is perfect.
Any idea when we’ll see the beta updated to the new builds so we don’t need to do an allow all for bin/bash? If that is before then, then I don’t think we need the currently available beta changed.

I have notarized the current beta, so it will install without warnings on macOS.

I am building the experimental today or tomorrow, and then we wait a few days to see if there are problems. If no critical issues are found, I build the beta release.

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