Low data processing speed: 1.01 KB / s

Faced with the fact that when archiving the speed on all tasks decreased to 1.01 KB / s.


  1. The processor is not loaded;
  2. The hard disk is not loaded;
  3. Access to the server via webdav (141.56 Mbps, https://disk.yandex.ru);
  4. Previously, there were no such problems - the speed was close to maximum.

What am I doing wrong?

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Error The base connection is closed (Webdav Yandex) has some other reports of Yandex falling apart with Duplicati where it worked before. Did Duplicati or your network change? If not, maybe it’s at Yandex end…

go away from Yandex webdav, I was tormented with them.
The best option Buy places 100GB Google drive
speed takes off immediately.

they constantly have problems, and technical support does not want to advise.
And often repeats that third-party software may not work correctly.

Your solution is bad). Better to add new Rest API ability to Duplicati.

It WAS asked for, but isn’t available now. Sometimes one needs a solution that’s currently available…

Storage Type: YANDEX.RU DISK discusses options. OAuth might reuse code. Not sure about REST.

Error on CentOS with WebDav from Yandex (Could not find temp file - Error getting response stream (ReadDoneAsync2): ReceiveFailure discusses the challenges of volunteer resources and languages.

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