Loving Duplicati, used it in backup project!

Thanks Duplicati devs! I’ve been using Duplicati for a few weeks now and its running perfectly! I used it for the backup software for a project I put together recently.

I made a simple key holder that acts as a backup server. When I hang up my keys, I plug in my flash drive. Duplicati backs up to the flash drive using SSH overnight and in the morning when I take my keys, I take all my files with me. Works great!

It’s based off of an Omega2+ running linux, and I made a simple pcb that powers it, with a 90 degree USB port for the flash drive to plug into.

Files are here on github: GitHub - thinklearndo/keychainbackup

Also a quick walkthrough is here on hackaday.io: Key Holder With Automatic File Backup | Hackaday.io

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