Lost my sqlite files

I lost my sqlite files (did something stupid), but I have json files for the configurations. The backups themselves are on google drive.

How do I go from the json files to rebuilding the sqlite databases? I’m on Linux.

the fine manual states that you have to import your json file and then start restoring.

I’m going to assume that means both the Duplicati-server.sqlite with the configurations and the larger randomly-named job database(s) that are usually in the same folder. If not, then just adjust directions.

The @gpatel-fr link is great (thanks!) for a faster way to do a one-time restore. For longer-term setup:

Creating a new backup job


so now you have the job configuration but aren’t quite back until you give the job a recreated database:

Database management


If you have no database now, the Recreate (delete and repair) won’t be enabled, so just Repair.