Lost dblock file - how to proceed?

Hi all,

I’m a little lost - I’ve been reading forum posts but not exactly sure how to proceed. A hardware error on my NAS meant that I have lost a dblock file - just one! The rest of the backup files are reported to be intact.

I am not sure how to proceed - unfortunately I have no mirror/secondary backup so I can’t restore the missing file. Is there a way to remove the affected versions and keep the backup going, or do I need to delete it and start again (have done this in the past which works but is quite brutal - just wondering if there’s a more elegant way).

Happy to provide any and all details regarding config etc as required.

Thanks in advance!


Do you know the name of the missing dblock? You could try running the AFFECTED command to see what source files are impacted. Also check out the LIST-BROKEN-FILES command on that same page.

I don’t have experience with it, but Duplicati can under some circumstances recreate the missing dblock file. Look at the --rebuild-missing-dblock-files option.

Ultimately if the dblock can’t be recreated you may need to use the PURGE-BROKEN-FILES command.