Logging levels Values

What are the valid --log-level values for the command-line? I don’t see them enumerated in the documentation?

It should be the same as for the web UI - profiling, information, warning, error.

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FYI: I’ve just set a setting for -log-file and -log-level (via the UI options), but -log-level does not seem to have any effect. The file gets populated with log data, but it seems to be getting Profiling data even though I have the level set at Information. This will end up being way too much detail being stuffed into the log file if it persists over time.

Hmm, that’s weird… That’s the only thing --log-level does according to it’s description.

But I can confirm. I just tested on my installation. --log-level does nothing for the log file no matter if it’s in global settings or in the job specific settings.

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It should work for the log file (at least it worked last I checked), but it is a bit confusing because there is just a single log-level and that controls multiple things.

I am in the process of rewriting the logging system, so there will be an option to set the log level for the file (and some filters to boot) as well as the log level in the console and in the server logs.


That’s what i was initially talking about - i set up an actual log file (as set by --log-file) for the first time and it was getting Profiling-level data dumped into it (total size 13 megabytes after 1 day).

That would be pretty helpful - I would like the ability to always be able to go into the “information” live logs, for example, and see the running information log at least since the last startup of Duplicati. Just to be able to keep tabs on what’s happening, etc. Now I just have to always keep a tab open to the live logs and if i forget, well, i don’t get to see it.