Log commandline output to file instead of browser?

When I use the “commandline” feature in the HTML UI to run a FIND command on my backup set, it seems to dump the output to a weird sliding window in my browser, which simply isn’t helpful. How can I get a capture of the complete output of a “commandline” operator, preferably in a plaintext file?

Edit: Yes, I know I can run from a command line instead of from the web UI, but it’s much more painful because I need duplicati to take a bunch of parameters and such, and it’s not obvious how to replicate all of that goop.

well, there is this ‘edit as text’ button…

Or if you want it more ready-to-run (although output for a backup command, so you get to change that):

Export As Command-line

If you don’t want to use the Graphical User Interface to manage your backups and/or you want to use another task scheduler instead of the scheduler that is integrated in Duplicati, you can use the Command-line export to generate a command that you can use to perform the current backup job with the Duplicati.CommandLine.exe tool.

It even quotes things for you, although I suspect the quoting style fits Command Prompt not PowerShell.

Another option, if you like a tidy command line, is to put the option list inside a parameters-file you supply.

This option can be used to store some or all of the options given to the commandline client.

Each line in the file should be of the format --option=value.

so it seems like the format fits the separate-line plan of the Edit as text button. I don’t think you quote here.