Leads change local mount point to duplicate files?


I have recently set up a new backup. Not yet all files were backed up when I realized that I am unhappy with one of my mountpoints on the local computer. So I added the new mountpoint into /etc/fstab.

Soon, Duplicati complained that it couldn’t access the files of the former mountpoint. So: in the config, I removed the old mountpoint/folder, and added the new one. I assume that a part of the files from the old mountpoint were already transferred.

Will duplicati create duplicate files, or does it “understand” that the files are already (partially) in the remote destination? If not: how to clean up?
Thanks for your advice.

You don’t have to assume. You could look at the restore tree for that partial backup.
Exact results may vary depending on how politely (or not) first backup was stopped.

It will record files seen at time of backup, but the blocks of content are deduplicated.
Processing similar data has details. It’s sort of like hard links but at the block level…

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The easier way is to restart your backup, since it is a ‘new backup’. If you keep some files referenced by an not existing path AND an existing one, it will work, but when it’s restore time it will be more difficult. You don’t need difficulties when restoring, you need everything to be the simpler possible.


Thank you guys.
I initiated a new backup and will wait for it to finish. Then, I will delete the former one, incl. the data.