Launch every night

I configured several backups at night [3h-5h].
At this time, the computer is in standby mode. It is therefore possible that nothing can be launched. I am with the latest version of duplicati under Ubuntu 16.10 (I do not know if under ubuntu i ly has services that work in the background !?)

If it’s not possible or if it’s simpler, I want it to start when the session starts. So I put in "application at startup"
/ Usr / bin / Duplicati
This does not work. I am obliged to start the backup manually each time via the web interface.

There are no features in Duplicati that will “wake” the computer if it is in standby mode.

If you have a single-user machine, you can use the Duplicati server with something like:

> sudo systemctl enable duplicati
> sudo systemctl restart duplicati

This will cause Duplicati to run in the background as a service.

You can then connect to it from the tray-icon with:

> duplicati --no-hosted-server --hosturl=http://localhost:8200

If you don’t like the tray-icon, you can just add a bookmark in your browser.

That said, if you have configured a backup at night, the backup should run when you start Duplicati (on login). There is a 5min delay (can be configured from settings) that is inserted to make sure networks etc. are up before running the backups.