Latest Beta - running on Windows as a service, is database now protected?

I run Duplicati as a service on Windows. This is so I can backup open Outlook mailstores.

A major problem I had found with the previous beta is that the database is stored in the C:\Windows\ folders due to it running as the SYSTEM user. This means it would get lost\deleted when a major upgrade happened to Win10.

Has this bug now been fixed in the latest beta? Is the database now stored in a safer location that can survive Win10 updates?

No, I don’t believe any changes have been made to address this yet. However, a trivial workaround is to use the DUPLICATI_HOME environment variable or the --server-datafolder command line parameter to repoint the location of Duplicati-server.sqlite.

You can also set the --dbpath command line option to change the default location for new job-specific local databases. Existing database locations can be adjusted using the Duplicati web UI.

Hope this helps!