Last backup was in the future - how to ignore the last backup?

I accidentally set my computer clock forward one year and the backup ran with the new date. Now after resetting the date I get this error:

The previous backup has time 17/12/2019 5:22:23 p.m., but this backup has time 27/12/2018 10:35:41 p.m… Something is wrong with the clock.

Is there any advanced setting to ignore the time of the last backup?

The time test looks unavoidable (even if one looks in code before this):

You might have to use the delete command to remove that version. Easiest way is by Commandline in GUI, adjusting things as necessary. Compared to backup, the main format difference is the lack of source paths. You’d also want to specify a –version (probably 0, but you can look at Restore from dropdown) or similar. Adding and checking –dry-run on a test run of delete will add confidence the 2019 version will be deleted.

Did it actually make one that you can restore from? I’d have thought the time issue would have blocked that, however if there’s really a 2018-2019-2018 sequence in Restore from, directions above need changing…

Thank you the Delete command worked perfectly.

There was only one future dated backup to delete (–version=0), so to answer your question, no the current real date backup had failed without creating a backup.