Language aspects in commandline.exe

I did run commandline.exe ( v2.05.111) on my dutch Win7-laptop in the command-window:
At start is displayed the english text: "Backup started at "

but it continues with the dutch question:

  • “Geef een wachtwoordzin in voor versleuteling:” xyz
    (in english: “Please enter password phrase” Chrome )
    and the dutch question:
  • “Bevestig wachtwoordzin voor versleuteling:” XYZ
    (in english: “Please confirm the password phrase” )

and than it results in an english error message:
“ErrorID: InputSourceInvalid”
with an explanation in dutch:
Ongeldig pad: “C:\DATkopie” (Ongeldige tekens in pad.)
(in english: “Invalid path”)

and it continues in english with:
Checking remote backup …
Listing remote folder …
Listing remote folder …
Listing remote folder …
Listing remote folder …
Listing remote folder …
Fatal error => API response: BadArguments
CG.Web.MegaApiClient.ApiException: API response: BadArguments
bij Duplicati.Library.Main.BackendManager.List()

I believe this language aspect requires some attention of the developers …

Hi @LittleBit, welcome!
I am the Dutch translator. For Duplicati, Transifex is used to translate to other languages. As you can see, Dutch is one of the few languages that has a translation for all source objects.

Before anything can be translated, it has to be made available in Transifex. I’m not sure how exactly this mechanism works. Indeed, there are some source phrases that are untranslated, because they are not available for translation in Transifex. There are some issues submitted about untranslated words, like this one.

Hi @Kees-Z,
Thanks for your response/explanation and thanks for your translation work.