Just Store --full-result?

Is there a way to just store the output of --full-result?

Seems like what I have to do is specify an after- script and have it consist of

cat - >report.txt

Seems silly. Am I missing something?

Nope, I don’t think you’re missing anything.

I agree it would be nice to have a “redirect stdout to log file X” option…

OK, but how do I do this in Windows?

I think it’s

type STDIN >report.txt

Unfortunately, no. But I appreciate the attempt :frowning:

Yeah I just tried that.
oh holy crap what a POS windows is

here’s what will work:

findstr x* STDIN >report.txt

the reason is, unlike ‘cat’ in Unix, “TYPE” in MS-DOS can’t see STDIN. Only files on disk.

But’ findstr’, which is sortakindalittlebit like ‘grep’, can see STDIN. ‘x*’ says, “give me lines with 0 or more occurrences of ‘x’.” Which is all lines.

Your best bet for now is to run the task as a command line with something like >C:\DuplicatiOutput.txt at the end of the line.

So if you are wanting the output of a backup job piped to a file, then I’d suggest using the “Export -> As Command-line” feature to get a command line you can then add the above redirect to and run in a shell.

If it’s something else, such as a Compare, that you want then you’ll have to manually build the command line. It’s not difficult once you understand it, but getting there can be a bit of a pain.

Let us know what the specific command you’re looking to log is and maybe we can put a sample together for you.

It’s POSSIBLE (but I’ve not tested) that the Windows 10 bash shell will work with STDIN @Kahomono described.

I’m not going to disagree, but I will point out that the way to do what’s being asked for is to use the command line…which I’m pretty sure is what people used to rag on Linux about… :slight_smile:

Also, in case you didn’t catch it I’ve started a “Features” topic about getting a --stdout=<path> type advanced parameter added. :wink:

Yes, I saw it. I already gave it a Like. :slight_smile:

Be a pal and try the findstr on WIn10. I only have a 7. Won’t touch 10.

That’s one thing I’m missing in the Web UI: an “Export to commandline” button in the Commandline section of the Web UI, just like the export button for exporting backup jobs.
This will make it possible to assemble a command using the GUI and convert it for use outside the web interface. It also helps learning and understanding how the commandline tools work.

Um, why not throw the commandline on the screen and then go all ^C^V?

Yes, that’s exactly what is should do. An “Export” button next to the “Run command now” button gives choice between showing results in browser or commandline.

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Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. I appreciate your thought though. It may be that there is something in my config that is different.