Just starting using duplicati...have thousands of errors

Hey all, first post.

I am searching for an alternative to my crashplan backup, since they are discontinuing their free version. Heard good things about Duplicati, so I started trying it out a few days ago for my home pc. However, each download I do generates around 4400 errors.

Is this normal?

Hello whitnack.

No this is not normal. Maybe you can provide an example of the errors?

Thanks for the reply. I looked over just a small number of the errors but couldn’t really understand what I was looking at. I deleted that backup and am currently running another one, so I can’t look back at the errors. I’ll let you know what this one does.

Ok, so I just finished the new backup. It only spun off 152 errors this time, but that is probably because I made a few changes as to what was being backed up.

I picked out a few of the errors and they say “Failed to process path…” or “Failed to process metadata for…” or “Error reported while accessing file…”

Some say the reason is that the files are in use, or permission to access is denied.

Yes and no. Depending on the specific error message it might be file in use (usually related to the “Error reported while accessing file…” message) or permissions (usually related to the “Failed to process path…” message).

The “Failed to process metadata” message is something else that has cropped up recently and, depending on the specifics of the error, may or may not have been fixed.

Can you share what version of Duplicati you are using and on what OS (Linux, MacOS, Windows)?

Note that most of the “Failed to process path” problems can be resolved by running Duplicati as a service OR under an admin / root level account (basically, any account that has permissions to access those files).

And the “error while accessing” messages can be resolved by using Snapshots (VSS or Volume Shadow Copy, on Windows) a --snapshot-policy setting of on or required. Note that usually being able to use snapshots involves running Duplicati with an admin / root account.

Thanks for the reply. I think I have done some more studying on backups and figured it out. I was running backups on files and folders that were unnecessary. Once I excluded those files, the backup ran without errors.

As an FYI though, I was running version on Windows 10.

Thanks for the additional info and letting us know what took care of the situation for you.

I think I probably did something similar to you originally and just said “let’s back up the whole drive!” only to be surprised at how many files I couldn’t get access to (without running as a service and/or using VSS).

I’m going to flag your post as the solution - please let me know if you disagree.

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