Just a general observation on a common(?) pitfall

I have a handful of set up jobs, some to a remote host and some to a local host.

I managed to muddle up one job so it pointed to the same location as another one. It took me a couple of confusing job runs and failures to catch where the error was since the messages were telling me about files missing or being to many and a need to rebuild the database which never helped. Removing all files at the destination to restart syncing was a bit convoluted since repairing the database wouldn’t work and again some confusion happened, hehe. Now I know that that means exactly this mistake :smiley:

But while googling and searching this forum I came across some threads that described confusing errors where users had a hard time to pinpoint the error. To me many of these threads said exactly this, a mix up where one job mistakenly pointed to anotherone’s destination, randomly destroying the sync between files and database on either job depending on which one you ran last.

Anyhow, I think some confusion and help threads would be prevented if the destination was checked when added against what’s in the database.

Just a thought.


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Thanks for the suggestion!

This has actually been discussed (sorry, I forget in which thread Existing archives in destination check?) but I don’t know that anybody is actively working on it yet. :frowning:

We have discussed this, but have not found a great way to support it. The current suggestion is that the “Check connection” button will say “there is already a backup on the destination”.

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That’s a great improvement IMHO :grinning::+1: