Job won't continue to upload after 24h disconnect

Hi all,

running Duplicati on a qnap nas.
I’m uploading big files (100+ GB) to dropbox and figured out, that the job stops after my connections get the usual 24h reconnect.
What’s the workaround to continue the job and is it an error or by design that a running job will fail and not continue?
Just to clarify: I waited 8 hours if something will happen / continue / start again

Hello @gregma and welcome to the forum!

What’s doing that? I hope not Duplicati… Is this job scheduled or run manually? Either way, whenever it next runs it should resume uploads where it left off. Some worry that it looks to be starting over again, but it’s not.

Even though Duplicati is supposed to handle interruptions, trying a test restore would seem like a good idea.

Duplicati has a –number-of-retries option that might help you ride through certain types of network problems, although I’m not sure if it can deal with something that requires a complete do-over from initial authentication.

Continue interrupted backup option mentions some of the design issues which arise from adding the feature.

I agree with @ts678, do you know what’s causing the 24 hour reconnect? (Because it’s not something Duplicati is doing.)

There is a reported issue where sometimes interrupted connections do cause Duplicati to “hang” because it does’t realize the connection has been lost and just sits around waiting forever for the last action (usually an upload) to fiinish.

I think one or two users have set up a scheduled task (on Windows, not sure how to do it on qnap) to restart the Duplicati service every X hours at which point it works as @ts678 described and just continues where it left off.