Job creation - Buttons unresponsive - Errors in Browser console

Just installed Duplicati on Windows, (using latest Chrome).
Looks like a promising tool!

I’m trying to setup a test backup job to iDrive, as per: Knowledgebase - Duplicati - IDrive® Cloud
(Which is via Storage Type: OpenStack Object Storage / Swift)

At a point there I am supposed to click on a “Test Connection” button in the Duplicati GUI, but when I click that it seems as though nothing at all happens. So I went onwards.

When I get right to the end of Duplicati config and click Save, again nothing seems to happen.

And I can’t see my job saved anywhere??? What am I doing wrong? (If anything)

Actually, I am seeing this in the browser console:

Typo of “COnfig” somewhere rather than “Config” ???

These errors come out precisely when I click the non-responding buttons mentioned…

This was fixed in version and should be part of the next beta release. You can try filling in the “Tenant Name” to see if that helps.