It is not backing up Git Source Code revision files (Solved)

I use Git for software version control. Git stores information in a hidden folder .git within a directory. It appears that Duplicati is not backing up this folder. When I look at my configuration file (with the Show Hidden Files checked), I can see that the .git folders are selected for backup. However, when I try to restore, that folder is not listed and is not restored.

This is serious problem because if I have to restore a source code directory, I will lose all revision history and all software branches other than the currently selected one.

I am running Duplicati - on Windows 10.

Hello, can you “Edit” your backup set, go to page 3 (Source Data), and look at the Filters and Exclude sections. Do you have anything specified there, or any boxes checked?

You were right. I found that Exclude Hidden files was checked. I fixed this and I ran a new backup. The Git files are now selectable from the Restore.

Thanks so much for your help and fast response!

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Glad your issue is solved!