Issue using Onedrive for Business

I need to backup about 10T data to Onedrive for Bussiness.

Firstly I used backend od4b, but after the first upload, this backend will fall because the file amount is much more than 5000 which can not be listed.

Then I tried to use backend sharepoint, and I get No site ID was provided while using Sharepoint V2 · Issue #3948 · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub .

Is there a suggested way to use Onedrive for Bussiness?

You could try rclone backend

I had the same prob and went with Onedrive v2 which is working for me. Don’t know if it’ll run into limitations with 10TB though… maybe ask MS?

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Thanks to @Ralf for another data point on whether this can avoid MS 5000 item list view limit. OneDrive Personal users got pushed to v2 (Graph API) when Microsoft shut down an old API, but there seem to be some “legacy” ways still around to get to the business-oriented Microsoft products (but I’m not an expert).

Choosing sizes in Duplicati would be worth reading, because I think carving 10 TB into its default 100 KB blocks will result in poor database performance (which seems to degrade more than linearly with its size). Breaking backups into several smaller backups is another way to avoid scaling issues getting too serious.

Increase remote volume size (I suggest 2-5 GB) AND http-Operation-timeout (I suggest 100 minutes). Then backup will run fine. For me it worked.

The concern would be restore speed, especially if files are updated. That could require downloading numerous 2-5 GB dblock files in order to gather all the data to rebuild one file. This isn’t immediately obvious when doing test restores to the same system, because original file data will be used instead.
–no-local-blocks=true can get actual restore speed. I’d prefer seeing if OneDrive v2 avoids the limit.

Just to make it clear, the OneDrive v2 backend works for both OneDrive personal and OneDrive for Business accounts (the underlying Microsoft Graph API is the same for both of them). The SharePoint v2 backend is only needed if you’re actually backing up to a SharePoint site instead.

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