Is there a way to manage multiple computers from the hosted backup server?

As topic suggests… Currently utilizing UrBackup, which has a server/client relationship in which I can view the status of all backup clients connected to it, push client updates, start/stop jobs, etc. without having to connect to the individual client. Downside is the data is not encrypted at the destination.

My question is: is there some way to manage the various computers that are backing up to my hosted server? Presumably the files transferred also includes a copy of its backup details (in the event of a data loss at the client side), so in theory I should be able to pick this up and aggregate it into some sort of management platform?

I don’t think so. There is no server side component to Duplicati – just remote storage.

One person in this forum came up with a script that would parse all the backup report emails and show you the status from multiple clients, but I haven’t tried it myself.

@drwtsn32 is correct, there is no built in support for centrally handling multiple installations, though there is dupReport from @handyguy:

If you’re looking for central MAINTENANCE, not just reporting, since Duplicati uses a web interface you could always port forward (SSH), VPN, or remote into the various machines to access individual configurations. While it’s technically possible to expose the Duplicati web interface to the internet, it wasn’t be hardened or tested for that type of use so could be insecure.

In theory somebody could start a GitHub topic or Bounty for hardening of the GUI or securely exposing CERTAIN functionality via an API…

I will check out the dupReport, thanks!

From a centralization standpoint, it wouldn’t be practical to set up forwarding/VPN on individual endpoints. But being able to control the endpoints via API would be very cool - check status, start/stop jobs, etc… I’ll look further into that on GitHub.

I found a software called abNetwork, which can manage multiple computers simultaneously. to manage your client computers, you need to install abNetwork on your server as well as install client programs on your client computers. After that, you can connect the client computers you want to backup or manage and start your Windows client backup.
the backup image created by abNetwork is compatible with the client programs you install on the client computer. Thus, if you want to restore your backup image, you can restore it on the client program.

Does this work over internet, or LAN only? I’m looking for a solution that works over internet.

this software work over LAN.

If you use an RMM, you can use the pre & post backup scripting to write to windows event logs. This is how I am monitoring both whether or not the job started (alert if it doesn’t find the event log entry) and whether or not it failed (alert if found error in the logs).

As far as centralizing the UrBackup data, I wonder if you could just use Duplicati to backup the UrBackup repository. Duplicati also has pre & post scripting that could be used to track starts and success.

I also saw this article… though it’s not what I am after personally:

I’m using - very pleased so far!