Is it possible to restore config from backup?


I want to know how to restore configuration backup from backup.
I dont acces at Duplicati orginal app but i have access to cloud backup.



The configuration is not stored in the back end. Even if it were, you’d still need several settings before you could access it (destination protocol, server, path, authentication credentials, encryption passphrase).

If you are wanting to restore from those back end files, you’ll first want to install Duplicati. Start Duplicati and you can use the Restore -> Direct restore from backup files option. You’ll need to specify the back end information as well as encryption passphrase.

Note that if you want to do more than one restore, it is more efficient to create a new backup job instead of doing “Direct restore”. When you create a new backup job you can have it rebuild the local database and then you can do multiple restores more quickly. The “direct restore” option rebuilds a local temporary database each time you do a restore.

Thanks for tips for fast restore.
The information i lost are “avanced option”. I need it to rebuild new backup plan

I believe there aren’t any advanced options that would prevent you from restoring. Duplicati should detect things like block size, compression, etc., automatically. You might have to set the “prefix” if you customized that, but that’d be easy to spot based on the filenames in the back end.

I recommend exporting your job configs and saving them in a safe, secure location. This is what I do with all the Duplicati backups I configure. Any time I make a change I re-export. Makes it easy when you need to recover from a disaster.

Good luck!

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