Is Duplicati still performing the backup set I deleted?

Hmm, I was creating my new Duplicati setup for backing up. I started with a first backup to B2, but when it was running I decided I wanted multiple folders in a single bucket. So, I stopped the Duplicati backup run. Deleted the backup set. Removed all the files from B2. Deleted the B2 bucket. Created a new B2 Bucket. Created a new backup set to backup to a folder in that bucket. It has been running for several hours now.

But… when I look in B2, the old bucket is back (though with a newer create date). It is also being filled. So, now two buckets are being filled by Duplicati, but I have only one backup set running (yes, I created a second one, but it isn’t running and also should go to a new folder in the new bucket).

So, is Duplicati still holding on to that old backup and is it still being backed up and did it recreate the B2 bucket I had removed in the process?

What is going on?

It’s hard to say without seeing it, but…

I’m not familiar with the detailed behavior, but pause and stop are not working well, maybe since

Fix pausing and stopping after upload #3712 (making slow progress) documents itself as the fix for this:

job pausing/stopping doesn’t work in #3565 will also find forum reports.

You could look at them if you like, but I’m wondering if Duplicati’s original work had not actually stopped?

Thing is, I didn’t think Duplicati could do two backups at once, but maybe it can? Check Task Manager to make sure you only have the expected (except for service installs) single pair of TrayIcon or Server up…

If you had multiple Duplicati they should be on different ports. First gets 8200, second is 8300, and so on.

Probably the thing to do if you’re not sure if a given Duplicati is still uploading is to watch the server log at About --> Show log --> Live --> Retry to see whether the stop action you asked for actually stops upload.

I could not check it anymore, but after everything had completed (and they were definitely running in parallel, bu there was only one mono-sgen process), I removed the bucket once more and restarted my machine. The bucket did not re-appear.

I’m guessing it was either the stop issue (feel free to say exactly which type you tried, if you remember that), or another oddity I’ve seen where the –asynchronous-upload-folder finishes its uploading while the visible UI shows absolutely no sign of that activity. Deleting the bucket while bucket is filling might explain a recreation. Question would be how long it continued being filled. –asynchronous-upload-limit should have capped delay unless the upload queue was being replenished because of the stop button bug. Anyway, I’m glad it’s over…

I quit the backup job, but I might have hit the pause/resume button first. I am not certain.

IIRC the TrayIcon Quit (at least on Windows) wouldn’t stop upload (or maybe anything) in middle of backup.
I haven’t tested in awhile, but I think at the time I was poking at stop behavior, wondering what quit would do.