Interface stops working in Firefox


I have a similar issue as in “Interface stops working in Chrome” topic.

I open the Duplicati interface in Firefox and everything works. I press refresh in Firefox and the interface tries to reload, but stucks on an empty page. Just deleting the Cookies is not helping, I need to delete the Firefox cache. After this site loads normally. This is every time reproducable.

I use:
Duplicati (on Ubuntu Server)
Firefox 74

Has someone a similar issue or any tips for me?
Should I provide logs? Which one?

Thank you,

I haven’t seen any issues with Firefox and Duplicati on any of the systems I use. Can you try running Firefox in Safe Mode to see if the problem still exists? If it does not, then maybe it’s one of your addons. Just an idea…

Thank you for the answer, after a reboot Firefox behaves differently, now I don’t need to clear the cache that the GUI continues to work. Disabling all Add-ons I already tried, made no difference.
I will monitor this and reply if it happens again and then also try the safe mode.