Installing Duplicati on Linux (Arch / Manjaro)

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Does enable start Duplicati on startup or not until your user logs in?


I’ve got a question. I’ve got Manjaro 18.1 Cinnamon and I know to install duplicati but how can I auto start duplicati as a service. I’d like to make backups everyday without starting Duplicati every time I start Manjaro. Thank you for your response!

I don’t have Arch experience, but what I do on Debian is install Duplicati as root. It gets registered with systemd by the install package. I can then enable it to start automatically at bootup by running $ sudo systemctl enable duplicati.

I modified the duplicati service file to not inlcude user and group lines. Then as above ran as sudo enable duplicati and that works. If user and group are in that file it never ran as root for me.

In my installation, the service file does not contain user and group settings. Maybe you added them yourself? Or has it varied in different versions of Duplicati? I have now Canary.

I know when I did the install, that was definitely included in the build. There were discussions about this is though, so I imagine it might have been changed as well.

I can try the installation myself later and report my findings? Did you manage to get this to work for yourself?

Sorry for reviving an old thread, but I just had a little trouble myself getting Duplicati to work on Manjaro. Also it seems I can’t edit the wiki at post 2 (I’m a brand new user here, so it makes sense).

I’m on XFCE, but I assume the steps I did will work regardless of DE:

The graphical install left me searching in vain for a menu item or trying to start from terminal using duplicati. Installing from terminal instead with pamac build duplicati2-beta provided some information not shown by the graphical installer:

* UI can be accessed via following URL: http://localhost:8200
  * Running duplicati user instance (using current user account)
    - to reload user systemd modules:        systemctl --user daemon-reload
    - to start duplicati manually:           systemctl --user start duplicati
    - to autostart duplicati on user login:  systemctl --user enable duplicati 

So running those 3 commands post-install got me started.

I do not know if the package duplicati-latest is any different in content from the beta2. Also, I posted the same info at Installing Duplicati - for beginners - AUR - Manjaro Linux Forum