Install Duplicati on TrueNAS (FreeBSD-based)?

Has anyone installed Duplicati on a FreeBSD based system? Does mono even exist for that?

A quick Google search seems to indicate TrueNAS is the successor to FreeNAS? I remember several threads here where people discussed getting Duplicati to work on FreeNAS, so I would think it should also work on TrueNAS.

OK: I have installed mono (5.10! Pleasant surprise!) on a jail. Planning to add duplicati then back up mount points.

After install I got this message:

Libinotify functionality on FreeBSD is missing support for

  • detecting a file being moved into or out of a directory within the
    same filesystem
  • certain modifications to a symbolic link (rather than the
    file it points to.)

in addition to the known limitations on all platforms using kqueue(2)
where various open and close notifications are unimplemented.

This means the following regression tests will fail:

Directory notifications:

Open/close notifications:

Symbolic Link notifications:

Kernel patches to address the missing directory and symbolic link
notifications are available from:

libinotify-kqueue/patches at master · libinotify-kqueue/libinotify-kqueue · GitHub

You might want to consider increasing the kern.maxfiles tunable if you plan
to use this library for applications that need to monitor activity of a lot
of files.

Is this a concern for duplicati?

I’m not sure. I don’t know if Duplicati makes use of these notification events even on systems that support their usage (I kind of doubt it). Standard behavior for Duplicati is to enumerate the filesystem at the start of a backup, checking for new/deleted files or changed files (by comparing metadata to previous backup).

So now - what’s my best next-step? Build from source and hope for the best? I don’t think I am up to porting it and I see no *BSD version.

Someone published a Duplicati plugin for FreeNAS. Is that not available for the TrueNAS successor?

It installs but does not seem to run reliably. It has crashed my test VM at least twice. I need to seriously reconsider how to backup my new server.

Running Duplicati on the same box to backup what’s on that box seems best. But… is it essential?

I would try to run it on the same box if at all possible, but it’s not absolutely required.

Does TrueNAS have the ability to run docker images? That may be another approach.

I can try that but that seems like bringing YET ANOTHER variable into the mix. Which is uncool

TrueNAS can also run arbitrary VMs so I can always build a small Debian VM with Duplicati on it.

Hmmm… a full VM would be more resource intensive than a docker container.

I may try to download TrueNAS and mess around with it to see if I can get Duplicati running. Exactly which TrueNAS did you download? Is it TrueNAS Core or…?

Versions are OS-friendly packages. The files run are typically not native code, so it needs mono.
I’ve run .zip installs on Windows and Linux. I think a full .zip content is what autoupdate installs.
Exploring FreeNAS and TrueNAS posts (which you’ll possibly have to do) shows it worked here:

is avoided. I guess you’re installing to a jail? There are forum posts on setting up needed access.

TrueNAS SCALE 21.04 makes its Debut is their new Linux-based version (adds new challenges).
SCALE App package for TrueNAS SCALE #4425 mentions, but lack of resources gets in the way.

TrueNAS Core, yes, that’s the one I was trying.

The problem may have been permissions. Also, TrueNAS is not showing me great stability but so far I am just running it in VBox, not on real metal. The metal arrives next week