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First of all, Im a normal user who looks for a way to backup his synology to Onedrive. After checking some possibilities i found Duplicati, which looks promessing.
At the moment i try to install Duplicati on my Synology (DS412+ DSM 6.1.5) (Mono is up an running).
Unfortunatly im not able to install the package. Every time i try, it stopps after afew seconds.
Maybe someone has a suggestion how to solv that problem.


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Try FAQ · duplicati/duplicati Wiki · GitHub
“Q: Duplicati wont’t run on Synology?”

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uh thank you, for pointing me in the right direction.

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Hi @vagzubi, welcome to the forum!

Please let us know if @Thomas_Boge’s post resolved your issue so we can flag it as the solution - or better yet, you can do it yourself by clicking on the :ballot_box_with_check: icon (but grey / transparent, not blue) below his post. Note that you might have to click the “3 dots” button to expand all icons).

Unfortunately not. It crashes after a second. I wasnt able to execute the comandos in the FAQ. The directory that it refers to does not exist in my installation. Im still looking for a solution. I dont know yet if where the problem is. I will post it once I found it.

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I haven’t gotten my hands on a Synology to play with yet but is there a command line you can try running Duplicati from? Or can you add the --verbose=true, --log-file=<path>, and --log-level=profiling parameters to the startup then check <path> after the crash to see if there is any detail about what happened?

(Note that the --log-* parameters may be different if you are using Duplicati v2.0.3 or newer.)