Initial large backup

Hello all,

I have a large amount of data to backup that will not change much over time, on a desktop computer.
My home connection is unstable and slow, it would take over 15 days to run.

Is it best to :

  • Run the backup and restart it several times until it completes (I worry it may cause issue in the
    local database?)
  • Copy the data to a laptop and launch that first run from a place with a fast connection (probably complex to setup so that the second run on the desktop machine correctly takes into account the files that have already been uploaded)


I would suggest a third option: start with a basic and rather small backup set of some of your most important files (i.e. your Documents folder containing text-type documents and such), then gradually add more chunks to the backup set and let it run successfully in between. You could go by priority of importance or of size or some combination of those. This is what I did for a particularly large one and it worked pretty well.
I also suggest you consider breaking up your backup set into separate backup sets for dissimilar data - for instance I have 4 main ones on my home PC: Videos (i.e. my personal DVD and Blu-ray rips, the largest), Music, Pictures (original copies of all my digital camera photos over the years), and then finally Documents & Misc Backup Data.

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Thanks a lot, although I have a few very large folders that I cannot split easily, that sounds like a good idea.

Got started yesterday evening, I’ll add directories as it goes and once it’s done I’ll give restoration a try from a place with a faster connection.