Inexpensive Cloud Storage Option

I own Lima Labs, we’re new! Ask me anything or try us out for free :slight_smile:

Your analysis of our rates is accurate, no charge for network traffic EVER just for data stored!
Also yes we could be a backup target directly via SSH or if you have IPv6 via NFS!


No transfer limits can only mean a few things:

  • Transfers will be very slow
  • There will be transfer limits and fees soon
  • Service will be shutting down

I personally don’t like concepts for business, which aren’t viable. Of course for short term and temporary use these are great deals to exploit.

But sounds like a very good for short term “secondary” backup location. I also liked the simplicity of the web-pages. Lovely.

I’d be happy to offer you a trial to verify our speed/performance. Bandwidth now cost less than $900 for a 10Gbit pipe and that’s the publicly advertised price from HE.NET not the negotiated one. I can get edge servers with unlimited bandwidth in both directions from OVH that are 7ms away from my storage boxes via peering at TORIX that provide me with both DDOS protection and a better peering profile for our international clients then HE alone could give.

Our cost isn’t in transfer it’s in storage and there to we see a continual fall in the cost of disks, our main expense. With HAMR technologies beginning to deployed I see a roadmap for this to continue until 2035 at least and likely beyond.

We are profitable at our rates, barely but profitable and we believe that as the cost for both bulk storage and bandwidth continue to fall I expect more of the industry to come in line here. In the meantime I’d be happy to be your cheap back option to another provider :-).


Protocols can be confusing, but Duplicati supports SFTP over SSH not SCP over SSH. Pricing page says SFTP is unavailable at the 1 TB level (starts at 5 TB). This limitation also seems to impact rclone. Duplicati needs the ability to list and delete files, and it’s not clear that SCP has a defined way to do so.

EDIT: Ignore 5 TB talk. Pricing at 1 TB that used to say SSH/SCP is now updated to SSH/SCP/FTP/SFTP.

Another protocol option starting at 5 TB level might be FTP with its encrypted FTPS form. Is that there? Original unencrypted FTP over the Internet is insecure. Duplicati data may be encrypted, but login isn’t.

I suspect SFTP will work better in Duplicati than FTPS (if you have it) but I haven’t performance-tested.

Some people might not be bothered by the 5 TB effective minimum, but I mention it in case some are…
EDIT: Pricing page fixed per the post below, and detailed on EDIT above. Thanks for updating that page.

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We do need to update that info :-), SFTP is included with all levels now. The only thing we’re holding back from the lower tiers is NFS because of the extra overhead for provisioning.

Also FTP is encrypted FTPS yes.

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Well Wasabi can do it and have been around for a while

This offering does seem a more competitive (no 90 day thing like Wasabi and a much more diverse access approach) and time will tell if owner has found a way to make it work.

(side note - cf. Hetzner Storage Boxes as the most similar point of comparison - it has a similar tiered pricing and wide variety access approach)

Having a look, it does seem simplistic and focus on the unix side (not a bad thing; is like that and has been around for ages! - albiet much they are much more expensive).

Just signed up for a trial and looking forward to seeing how plays out.

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@Kelly_Trinh Your spot on, in a lot of ways we’re very similar to the Hetzner boxes or We’re essentially a remote filesystem with some extra bells and whistles. Two difference that stands out I believe is that we offer NFS mounting of your storage and we do NOT charge for transport, no bandwidth charges.


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We’ve decided to offer the trial I mentioned above to any Duplicati users

We’re offering 25GB of free storage on our system.
Why? We think that if it fits your niche once you try it you’ll love it and want to come back for more if not no harm done and no money exchanged.
Catch 22s? No NFS access on the free accounts and we choose what node your data goes onto (North America or UK) based on availability.

If your interested check out our pricing/signup page. If after seeing how terrible we are at web design you’re still interested :slight_smile: put “duplicati 25GB trial” in the special request on your signup and we’ll set you up for free.

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So - bleh!

Lima Labs is shutting down as of March this year.

Now looking for new options.

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I setup my own next cloud server with contabo. cheap vps, next cloud is free and it works very very well

the point of a cloud storage provider, for me, is to get the backups copied off-site. Standing up my own doesn’t help.

By the way - so far I have eliminated OpenDrive and 1Fichier. Mega NZ is looking good, tho.

@Steven_nevetS mentioned VPS, so I assume he set up a VM in some cloud provider and used their storage. But I think this would be more expensive than just using the cloud provider’s storage directly, since you would have compute charges on top of the storage charges.

Yip. I set up a contabo vps for $11 a month. There is another option for $7 a month. Works very well. Setup my own nextcloud and now duplicati backup

But isn’t that more expensive than using just cloud storage? I mean you are paying compute costs for the VPS plus still paying cloud storage for your backup data. Am I missing something?

nope, $7 a month… thats it 700GB storage space. They take snap shots as well

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So a monthly rate equivalent to $10 per TB?

I am currently paying €30/month for 8TB. My end-state usage after testing will be 12-15TB.

What would 13.5TB cost me in your setup?

Wow, you need loads of storage.

You definitely have a good deal there. Cant beat that at all.
This is probably the cheapest for 8TB 28 Euro a month

For 24 TB you can pay about 42 Euros

I see here 29 Euro for 4TB of usable storage.

If you read “2x4TB” as “8TB of storage”, what can I say but, “I hope your luck holds.”

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I gather there’s likely a difference between your use-case and my own, but just to add my two-cents for anyone whose workload lines up. I maintain strictly backup storage, mostly cold as I only ever pull data off of my storage when things catastrophically fail, to the extent I cannot rebuild things from the local copies. I have been using Backblaze’s B2 for a few years now with very few complaints.

It costs $0.005/GB ($5/TB) for the storage, no cost for uploads, $0.01/GB ($10/TB) for downloads. No minimum requirement. It’s S3-compatible, includes most of the usual features like buckets, snapshots, ACLs, etc.–and it’s widely supported among apps and services like Duplicati and rclone.

I understand there are more affordable options out there, I hesitate to adopt most of them due to how frequently I see them fold after a year or two. I have no opinion one way or another about Backblaze as a company or their other services. But for the price, features, and rock-solid stability, I have yet to find anything that would motivate me to try anything other than B2 storage.