Include feature to monitor hdd health (check S.M.A.R.T. values)

I’d love to see a feature added to Duplicati which monitors the health of connected HDDs and warns the user when the SMART values of a drive change.

I think it’s not a D2 goal but you can write PS before backup script with this checking.

At first thought, I agree with @avmaksimov that this isn’t really a “backup” type feature, but I do “get it” in the general sense that it helps protect your data so I’m curious how you would see such a feature working (messages, warnings, alerts, emails?) and what benefits it could provide the end user.

Or maybe another way of putting it is why would somebody want Duplicati to do SMART checks / alerts over some other tool?

In itself, that’s basically the main reason. :slight_smile: I would rather have to install, manage and update as few tools on my system as possible.

That also includes the backup process itself. In an ideal scenario, I’d would install and setup Duplicati once and wouldn’t have to interact with it again.

My idea would be, that in case something with happens during the backup process or to the health of my hardware (hence checking S.M.A.R.T. values) that might jeopardize my data, Dublicati would notify the user by bringing up an alert or sending out an email.

OK - I can see how it could be good for your backup tool to warn you that your drives have started showing low level issues so you may be backing up corrupt (at the drive level) data…

I don’t know much about S.M.A.R.T. specifics. I know there are lots of different things being monitored, but I don’t know if there are specific changes or durations / frequencies of reported values that should trigger “hey, you should check this out” messages. Are there any such “standards” and do they vary by drive type, size, mfg, etc.?

The folks over at Backblaze have done some testing in the past, which SMART values are actually useful for predicting hard drive failures.

I also found the Wikipedia entry to be useful.

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Do those same 5 “primary indicator” attributes (5, 187, 188, 197, and 198) apply to SSD / flash and hybrid drives as well or only spinning disks?

I don’t know, this seems like a function unrelated to backups and would be better served by an existing tool designed for this purpose.

In the sense of “Duplicati is for backups” then I absolutely agree, but in the sense of “Duplicati is for keeping your data safe” I could see it as being useful.

I agree. Data backup and system health monitoring are too different from each other to integrate them in a single product.

Duplicati is not a real time monitoring tool. If one of my harddisks is dying, I want to get an alert INSTANTLY and do not want to wait until the next scheduled backup starts or completes.

Free tools like CrystalDiskInfo or HWiNFO can provide lots of detailed information about the health of your disks and other hardware. It would be confusing if all that information would be available in the Duplicati UI. But if just some basic values would be available in the Duplicati UI, I would need a specialized tool anyway.