Icon tray in taskbar doesn't close automatically after opening Duplicati

Very tiny issue with otherwise great software: I am on Windows 7 running Duplicati - I keep the icon in the hidden icon tray in the taskbar. I click on the little arrow and click on the Duplicati icon and press open. Duplicati opens without issue in the browser but the tray holding the icon does not close automatically. Everytime I have to manually click on the little arrow to close the hidden icon tray. It’s not a big issue but the box remains on top of all windows even videos in full screen so it can get quite annoying. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I think the hidden icon tray is a shared area that’s implemented by Windows, not Duplicati-controlled (as far as I know). My other Windows 10 icons also don’t make the tray hide. Do you have icons that hide the tray?

If you’re willing (or wish) to have the Duplicati icon not be hidden (needing arrow), just drag it to the taskbar.

Thanks for the suggestions. Here is a bizarre twist to the problem; As I was checking to see if other icons did the same thing, I found that the problem only arises when I right click on the Duplicati icon and select “Open”. The problem doesn’t happen at all if I left click on the icon and select “open”.

So I guess the solution to this problem is to just left click rather than right click!