I unable to login in

By mistake the username was deleted, now when we try to log in the user is not valid, how we can login back?

What username are you referring to? Duplicati allows password protecting the web UI, but there is no username portion.

So I believe the username was deleted same as password.

That’s for the duplicati-monitoring site, which is a 3rd party service. But I use it myself, so I think I can help you remember your username. Check one of your Duplicati backup job configurations and look at the --send-http-url setting. The full URL will look something like this:


The “username” portion matches your account username on duplicati-monitoring, at least it does for me. However, this isn’t the same (necessarily?) as your logon credentials. For me that is an email address and password.

It seems that you’re logged in if you can view the account Profile page, which is what your screen shot is from.

Actually that is a new profile, which is empthy, so the original where is all my backups just don’t let me in.

I’m pretty sure the credentials are correct

Did you try going through the “Forgot Your Password” process?

Yes, but when I typing the email to recover, I got the same message the email is not on our records.

Ok you probably need to reach out to the people that run that site. The email address is shown on the main Welcome page for duplicati-monitoring.com.

Yes I sent email already. Thanks