I need help for restauring backup

Hello my question is which is of method for restoring bkp from another machine example

The first backup I made from machine one with duplicati instaled but I copy 3 files dlist, dblock and other to ohter machine without duplicati is posible restauring this backup.

Thnaks for your answer…

Welcome to the forum @ijimenez

If “other” meant “dindex” and you copied all files (there should be lots) of all three types, then you can use Direct restore from backup files, after installing Duplicati on the second machine. You don’t need to create a new backup, but you do need to know the password if the first machine was doing an encrypted backup.

Restore without Duplicati is possible but hard. Is there a reason you can’t install Duplicati on the machine?

Thanks for your quickly answer, in fact I have install on mi computer duplicati and the files not having password of encryption is text plain the bkp but when I test restore the bkp of SW me display errors attach the image errors sending duplicati

Can you tell me more about tbese backup files? Were they on the computer that was being backed up? Was there computer damage? Originally, you talked about “3 files” but I hope that means 3 kinds. How many each of the dlist, dblock, and dindex kind do you have now? An easy way to count is to open File Explorer to use search box in upper right to see the count in the lower left. Please use these searches:


Duplicati seems to think some things are missing. While you count your files, I’ll look into the message.

Feature request View logs for direct restore from backup files gives a way to get a log file to get a look at those 841 errors on the web UI. Somewhat easier than a log file for one-time use is to look at live log by opening another browser tab to Duplicati’s About --> Show log --> Live --> Error while trying direct restore. There’s no need to show the whole thing if it gets repetitive, but some idea of the sort of errors is needed.