I Installed Duplicati as a Service on Ubuntu. You Won't Believe What Happened Next

OK, you probably will.

I can no longer see any of my jobs or existing backups.


Did you first install duplicati and configure your jobs without the service? Please provide more details.

Yes. And by running the “ad-hoc” instance I have been able to export my jobs’ definitions. About to try importing those.

That should work. Although, duplicati will take a little time rebuilding the local databases. Alternatively, you could just move duplicati config folder from /home/PREVIOUS_USER/.config/Duplicati/ to /root/.config/Duplicati, change it’s ownership with chown -R root:root /root/.config/Duplicati and be good to go.

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I did that and it worked as it should.


Now it thinks the user is Root. And I can go back and redo all my source data to match what it was before, but what I can’t see for some reason is my pCloud virtual drive. If Duplicati tries to back that up, BIG TROUBLE. Bad recursion!

Is it not just mounted somewhere? Otherwise, try starting a new topic with pCloud in the title. Someone familiar with pCloud may know what to do.