I had a dream and a wish

I had a dream.
I made a donation of 30 or 50 euros to the Duplicati team, and the team programmed a file explorer for any backup directory with the option of extracting directories or files.
That would be an absolutely great function.
Greetings Karl-Heinz

Welcome to the forum @KalleH

Do you mean a file explorer with all the typical file explorer features plus the restore option? If not, what?

Duplicati Restore already gives you a special-purpose explorer to restore files. You do have to select the backup version first though, because it’s hard to know what to show you otherwise. Versions might vary.

Or by “backup directory”, do you mean the Destination screen 2 folder where backup files are stored?
Direct restore from backup files lets you explore any destination you can get into, and restore from there.

Regardless, the feature enhancement pile is mostly stuck behind by bug pile for now, but one can dream.
Could you please say more about yours, so that discussion can happen if forum readers choose to do it?

Hello ts678.
Yes, I mean a portable file explorer with all the functions of Duplicati Restore. The file explorer should offer all functions without having to install Duplicati beforehand. But I think installing Duplicati on my Windows to go is OK too.
Thank you, greeting KalleH.

Still not answering the questions, unless the first “Yes” means you ALSO want a complete typical explorer.

There is no description of integrations between exploring and restoring. Could you give use cases for this?

On Windows (maybe other systems too), I think the original explorer can be extended. Saves rewriting it…

Selecting Files for Backup shows how the Carbonite backup program integrates with File Explorer, but the Restoring files has no similar function, so I’m not sure what you have in mind, combining these two things.

When we figure out what this is, editing the topic title would help other people find it. If you can’t do it, I can.