I forgot my password to access the portal http: localhost: 8200

I forgot my password to access the system. I’ve already tried removing the application, services, and folders. But every time I install it, it prompts me for the password. How can I reset these information?

Hello @thompsontech and welcome to the forum!

What folders? Are you trying to get rid of everything and abandon all your backups, or just get back in?

Probably you haven’t deleted essential config folders, otherwise it wouldn’t be prompting for password.

Downgrading / reverting to a lower version provides info of where the configuration is for your OS type.

Duplicati.Server.exe shows how you can stop Duplicati then start it to disable --webservice-password.

The password required to access the webserver. This option is saved so you do not need to set it on each run. Setting an empty value disables the password.

Unless you’re using a Windows service, your actual program is Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe, and its help indicates the option should work there too, even though the manual doesn’t specifically show it as there.

Hello good day!
Actually, I’m going to continue with Duplicati. I really want to get this password so I have access to reconfigure the system.
The folder I tried to remove is located in C: \ program files \ duplicati.
I will try to execute the downgrade option as suggested and put here if it works

Stop Duplicati and start it with this command line option:


It will clear the password from the database from my limited testing. Remove that command line option after it’s been cleared so that you can set a new password if desired.

That wasn’t a suggestion. It was reference in case you wanted to remove all the configs (but you don’t).

Good morning, I did the guided procedure and removed the password, but every time we restart the machine or the duplicati service the old password comes back. Would it make this process definitive?

Strange. When i was testing the above mentioned command line option, it seemed to remove the password permanently.

Do these references to “services” and “service” mean that your installation was as a Windows service?
You would have had to have run Duplicati.WindowsService.exe to have that. The GUI installer can’t do it.

Running as a service complicates password removal because if you just run Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe with --webservice-password= this will remove the password from the ordinary-user not service install, however you should have also noticed that you have no backup jobs, if all your jobs are in service install, unless you’ve just taken a break for a few months. Password removal from a service can be done using:

It is possible to pass arguments to Duplicati.Server.exe , simply add them to the commandline:
Duplicati.WindowsService.exe install --webservice-interface=loopback --log-retention=3M

per the manual, however in your case you could add the --webservice-password= to whatever you put after the install command. An even easier way is to edit the service using services.msc, or however you like to edit services (for example in Control Panel). Service arguments should appear in Properties.