I can't see all the backup warnings

Using Duplicati on Windows I did a backup and it reported that there were 168 warnings. However, when I look at the log in http://localhost:8200/ngax/index.html#/log/1 it only shows 20 warnings.

Is there a log file or something I can look at to see all of the warnings?

Note: If I go to About > Show log I don’t see any warnings!

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It’s limited in its count. The other drawback is it’s limited in its details because it’s only the first line.

The server log is a different log (that most people don’t find). A job error goes there if it errors badly.
Yours being just warnings made the regular backup log but didn’t give you as much info as desired.

Combine logs in GUI #1152 cites historical reasons as the cause, but a unified log would be nice…

Simple way for one-time look is at About → Show log → Live → Warning
An actual log file can use log-file=<path>. Default log-file-log-level is Warning, but set your favorite.

What are the warnings you do see? If it’s a warning about a file being locked, then you probably don’t have to see all 168 warnings. One solution to that is to utilize VSS (see –snapshot-policy) to allow Duplicati to back up locked files.

Once that is enabled, all those warnings may disappear. Note that you must run Duplicati elevated for it to be able to use VSS snapshots.

Thanks, it sounds like using a log file if the way to go for me.

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