I can't find the "warnings" and the "show" button does nothing

Hi, I am new to Duplicati, just installed it yesterday.

As a first try I did a local backup on a secondary hdd, and at the end of the job a popup appeared, telling me that there are 2 warnings, however I can’t find them…
as title says, clicking the “Mostra” (“Show” I suppose) button nothing happens. 2019-02-06%2022_45_24-

How do I know what went wrong?

Thank you :slight_smile:

There are a couple of different places that warnings might be displayed:

  1. Under the specific job. If you expand the job name, then under the Reporting section, choose “Show Log”
  2. On the left side menu choose About and then click the “Show Log” button.

Hope that helps.

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Great! thank you! :grin:
As a side note, in my opinion is not that obvious that clicking on the line would expand a bunch of useful info.

Thank you again