I can not restore backup on wasabi - "scanning for local blocks"

I am homolando a backup of 60 gigas in wasabi.
The backup was successful, the problem is being when I restore it to another server.
I import the settings, I can view the backup folders.
When I do the restoration it will be more than four hours with this message: Scanning for local blocks and not leaving it.

Hello @Anderson_Marcelo and welcome to the forum!

I believe the “Scanning for local blocks” status is normal because by default during a restore Duplicati will use copies of local files if they are unchanged from the backup (because usually that is faster).

In your case since you seem to be restoring to a completely new machine there are no local files to use so that step is unnecessary.

If you end up starting your restore over again, try enabling the --no-local-blocks advanced parameter which should tell Duplicati NOT to try to use local files during the restore.

after applying the parameter --no-local-blocks ran restore on another server.
Thank you very much

You’re welcome, I’m glad it worked!

I went ahead and flagged my post a the solution and updated the topic title to specify it’s related to “scanning for local blocks”.

Where would u put this on the web gui. On what step?

What step of what operation? If you use a configured backup, edit it into Advanced options on screen 5:

For a Direct restore from backup files, the GUI is simpler, but you can type --no-local-blocks:

Oh ok! Thank you! I have one going right now. I found it under the settings. I added the check box for no local blocks. It’s currently set to true. It’s currently in the rebuild stage but I hope it works.