I am getting this dashboard after installing the duplicati


i am getting this dashboard after installing the duplicati.

can you please help me out , which password it is asking for.

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If this is an install from duplicati.com, it’s what you typed into Settings “Access to user interface” after

If your machine is in a multi-user environment (i.e. the machine has more than one account), you need to set a password to prevent other users from accessing data on your account.
Do you want to set a password now?

Introduction to the Graphical User Interface has a better picture. Some third-party Duplicati packages
ship a preset password. Please let me know if your package was not from a duplicati.com download.

i installed from duplicati.com
but after installation i am getting this dashboard.
i never set password before .

This sounds very strange. Did you see the blue screen with the text I quoted above and linked to?
You can see that the title is “First run setup”, and its’ supposed to show on first use (see manual).
What OS is this?

What OS is this? — > windows 10

and the other question?


Is this a shared system that someone else might use (so maybe they answered the initial question)?
Which way would you want it set? Of course, if it’s only you as possible user, password isn’t needed.