Hundreds of --webservice processes, redlining CPU

Hey guys, so as a brand new user to Duplicati, and hearing some rave reviews about how simple and awesome it is, I’m not quite sure why. See, I’m currently sitting at 60+ load average due to Duplicati. See below:
htop current load

Why in the heck does duplicati spawn hundreds of --webservice processes? This is installed in Docker on ubuntu 18.04.1 on Duplicati version

Can you elaborate on how you started the server exactly? This is indeed not expected behaviour I assume.

How I started the server? By downloading the docker image, creating a container from it, and starting the container. I created a backup via SFTP, and 2 days later, it’s still chugging along on a backup, at various times eating up more than everything the CPU can do to backup. Are there any logs I can provide?

The image btw is this one:

I’ve used both the LinuxServer container your 5 using and the official one (both on unRAUD) and don’t recall having issues like these.

The CPU usage may be due to Source data size / file count and it being an initial backup.

How are you sitting the webservices? I can check and see if it’s happening on mine and I’m just not noticing…

Hey there JonMike. I’ll be happy to provide whatever info, but what do you mean by ‘how am I sitting the webservices?’
To give you an idea, I’m using a app called DockSTARTer, that allows me to install a number of apps with docker containers easily (including duplicati). And I’m backing up a /config folder, which if you’d like the breakdown equates to this number of files, and sizes in the directories:
duplicati – 16.4MB, 21 Files
Jackett – 2.7MB, 18 Files
Letsencrypt – 314.7MB, 305 Files
Radarr – 331.7MB, 2274 Files
Organizr – 263MB, 4855 Files
Tautulli – 252MB, 392 Files
Sonarr – 142.2MB, 876 Files
Ombi – 3.8MB, 28 Files
Portainer – 140KB, 6 Files
Nzbget – 69.7KB, 1 File
Netdata – 21.3KB, 11 Files
1 File.env, 8KB
plex/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server…
Metadata – 1.4GB, 118963 Files
Plug-in Support – 167.2MB, 5015 Files
Codecs – 10.7MB, 19 Files
Logs – 6.3MB, 133 Files
Plug-ins – 2.4MB, 706 Files
Crash Reports – 60KB, 14 Files
2 Files, 8KB

I have a feeling I might want to backup via another method, eh? :slight_smile:
After 2 days, the progress is: Counting (7869 files found, 879.87 MB).

Never mind guys. Thank you for the help, but I can’t keep a system that busy for days awaiting a response. I zipped up the folders and transferred them in 10 minutes.

Sorry to hear Duplicati didn’t work out for you. (And sorry for my typo asking how you were SEEING the web services. :blush:)

I wish you luck with whatever backup process you end up using! :smiley: