HTML Reporting configuration question

I am trying to setup HTML reporting. I set the 2 options below, but am not seeing any file created at the web url when the backup job completes. I also have email configured and do receive them. I confirmed from within the duplicati container, I can ping local.duplicati by name. I can access the URL from Chrome with no issues. Is there something I am missing?

–send-http-message=Duplicati %OPERATIONNAME% report for %backup-name% %RESULT%

Hello and welcome!

I’m not an expert on the HTTP reporting module, but I believe what happens is Duplicati issues an HTTP POST method against the URL. You need some server side component/script that actually does something with the information Duplicati sent.

Duplicati doesn’t directly create a file in the destination or anything like that.

You might want to check out It’s a fantastic third party service for Duplicati that uses the http reporting functionality.