How to verify passphrase [Closed by OP]

By isolating variables I realized I was also specifying a wrong remote path. When I just made one mistake I got an error message that pointed me to the passphrase error.

I somehow got two entries in Lastpass for Duplicati passphrase. I don’t remember which to use. I’m having OAuth problems so it’s not possible to just see which one works. They both fail. Is there a way to check if I have the right passphrase w/o involving OAuth cert business?

Hello, maybe this help you to test backup data (if you have some files)

And you can also look in duplicati internal database
if you sart duplciati with parametr --unencrypted-database and open sqlite file in DB Browser for SQLite Portable (SQLite database management) |

for details look here:

Thanks for the reply.
I should have mentioned I’m running Linux.
The command line seems to have only a dozen or so build in command. I don’t see how SharpAESCrypt.exe could be invoked.

Alternatively you can use AES Crypt.

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