How to setup email notification with outlook

Good Day all,

I am stuck with setting up duplicati with outlook the commands I am using is :

My internal SMTP server don’t requires any authentication so I am not using any username and password. But I am not getting any mails from it. Can anybody help its urgent!!

This internal server is just relaying the messages to Microsoft ( domain)?

Check the logs on your internal relay to confirm it’s receiving the emails and to see if the problem is when it’s trying to relay to MX’s.

I have checked the logs the mail is coming but it going to Junk folder how to fix that issue ?

That’s handled on the email recipient end. Try adding the sending address to the Safe Sender list?

If you are using your own SMTP server to send mail from the domain, you can’t. The public IP address of your SMTP server is probably not included in the SPF record of The soft fail at the end ( ~all) moves the mail to the Junk mail folder in most e-mail clients.

Use Microsoft’s own SMTP servers instead to relay mail sent from the domain.

Its working now I am getting email’s now. Fix was : --send-mail-url=smtp://internalip:25/?starttls=never

Glad it’s working!
Are you still sending mail with your own connector using an address in the FROM: field, without authenticating against Microsoft’s SMTP relay servers? I would expect that mails would arrive in the Junk mail folder, unless it is manually whitelisted at the receiver’s end.