How to reset an imported backup?

I exported every duplicati backups (which i have exported in .json files).
I’m importing them on a brand new server, and i want to keep them as is, because i havetuned things, inserted api keys for cloud backups, and so on. I had only to correct source/destination.

I would like to start from a blank state - so i also removed every sqlite database (using the GUI).

But Duplicati is mentionning old size and old numbers of availables backups - see picture attached, where it says 12 versions and 69.56 GB.
How can i reset this without having to create from scratch a new backup ? Thank you !


These stats are imported as part of the json, but they can be ignored if you want to start over. If you remove the job-specific database AND the back end is empty of files, then Duplicati will automatically behave as if it’s a first backup. The statistics will be updated at the end of that backup job.

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FYI in the future if you don’t want statistics, don’t check this box on job’s import:


Possibly that option is there for people who are keeping their old backup contents,
however it sounds like you want a fresh start, except for custom job configuration.

Just run a backup, and stats will get updated.


Thank you VM @drwtsn32 and @ts678 - exactly the answers i was looking for.

Backup in progress :wink: