How to repair while restoring


I need urgent help if you could help me out. I’m trying to restore backups to another computer but it’s telling me there’s inconsistencies and to repair it. Could someone tell me how I can find the repair database function while restoring?

Only the folders restored, none of the files. Anybody know how I can start the repair database process or where to find it?

How? Is this a Direct restore from backup files or something else, e.g. Database Recreate (dangerous)?

Got any error text?

You can only do one operation at a time. Ordinarily, Repair is on the Database screen.
If you’re doing Direct restore you don’t have a permanent job or DB, so may lack it.

What shape is the original computer in, and is it still running Duplicati, e.g. to backup?
Attempting restore elsewhere in mid-backup can see an incomplete/inconsistent view.