How to disable "compacting" process

Hi, used to use Duplicati couple years ago. Was great, very easy to use. Had it setup to work with Google drive. When I needed a backup I used to just go to google drive, download the relevant folder, boom done.

Now they’ve added this “blocking” system and it appears that it requires Duplicati to “unpack”. I have no interest in this feature. I just want it to upload the raw folders/files, or at least simple .zip files which can be downloaded from any machine with ease.

Is this feature available? Sure hope so :frowning:

Hello and welcome to the forum!

There is no way to disable the “blocking” system as it is required for deduplication. This really is core to the Duplicati backup engine. While you don’t have files in native format on the back end, you do get very efficient versioning and retention capabilities.

If you want files in native format on the back end, then it sounds like you want a file synchronization tool. Google Drive already has that capability if you install the client application in your OS. I don’t recall if Google drive allows you to pick arbitrary folders for synchronization though.