How to back up to Google Team Drive?

I can connect to my own Google Drive, but not to a Team Drive I have been given access to.
Did I overlook something, or is this not currently supported?

From what I hear this should be easy to implement (add “supportTeamDrive=True” in the API call; the default is False, which hides Team Drives), so perhaps this could be added in an upcoming version?


Hi @YaphetKotto, welcome to the forum!

I moved you topic to the Features category because as far as I know we do NOT currently support Google Team Drive (GTD?).

I’m not familiar with GTD so I’m curious why you’d want to use it instead of normal Google Drive as your destination.

Hello, thanks for the welcome!

OK, Team Drives are a feature of G Suite, the same old tools from Google (Gmail, Calendar etc), but marketed to businesses.
It’s like an additional folder within your Google Drive, but you can share it with others.

So if you have been added to a team drive (or started it yourself to share with others), you will get a new option underneath the “My Drive” option on the left side that says “Team Drives” (it’s different to the “Shared With Me” option).

You can use it just like your own drive, only other team members can access it as well.
The kicker is that you get unlimited storage with Team Drives, doesn’t count against your own storage limit (which may be just the standard 19GB).

So, basically it’s just an additional option for Google Drive, and as I said, apparently it’s enough to just add “supportTeamDrive=True” in the API call to access this feature.

Would be super stoked if this became an option!!

Ah, this should explain it better than I can:

Thanks for the link! I think this will have to be more of a @kenkendk question, though.

Yes, that sounds very simple to implement. Unfortunately, I would need a TD account to test with.

It would probably be this line that needs to change:

Hello, thanks for the reply!

I can add you to my current TD for testing, it’s still empty anyway.
You will need a regular/free Google Drive for access though (your storage allowance will not be affected).

PM me your email address and I’ll do it.

Any word on this? I had read somewhere that backing up to Google Team Drives was supported.

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I’m not aware of any production ready support for Google Team Drive - do you recall where you read that it was supported?

Ok, I added the supportsTeamDrives=true to the query, but I am a not sure how teamDriveID is supposed to work.

Is teamDriveID a value that the user would know? As in: does it make sense to require that the user supplies --googledrive-teamdrive-id=xyz ?

According to the document, the alternative is to use corpora=user,allTeamDrives when listing files, but this is hinted to be slow.

Alternatively, using just user will give “files that the user has accessed, including both Team Drive and non-Team Drive files.” which sounds wrong to me, that would only include (recently?) accessed items.

Do you know any of the details? Not having used TeamDrive, I am lacking some understanding of the API.

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I would love this as well. FWIW, rclone added Team Drive support here: drive: add team drive support - fixes #885 · ncw/rclone@ca76b3f · GitHub

Is it possible to use Google drive file stream app and back up to a folder there? Has anyone tested this method?