How Duplicati handle lost internet connection during backup?

If i loose my intenet connection during backup how Duplicati will handle it? Can this corrupt my backup files?

The only issue you may experience is your local database becoming out of sync with the remote storage so you will have to run a database repair to correct it. Apart from that Duplicati handles intermittent connections nicely.

I tried to repair the database once and it was painfully slow. It was faster deleting the remote backup and uploading the files again.

The repair process shouldn’t be slow. Recreating would be slow as the index files would have to downloaded again. What OS are you running Duplicati on?

My OS is Windows 7 x64.

@Samw is correct that Duplicati generally handles connection issues well and that a database Repair should be pretty fast while a Recreate usually takes quite a while.

However, it should also be mentioned that some users have reported issues with Duplicati getting “stuck” waiting for an upload to finish if a disconnection happens during the upload.

Recovering form this seems to be as simple as restarting Duplicati, which is good because we haven’t had much luck recreating / fixing the issue so far.