How do you completely stop Duplicati?

So sometimes Duplicati gets hung on a backup job. When I try restarting the service ‘Duplicati’ it doesn’t really seem to do anything. Even when the service is stopped the duplicati website still loads.
So what steps are needed to completely restart duplicati? (without having to completely reboot the server)
Is there another service or process that is in charge of the webpage?

EDIT: It seems if I also kill the Duplicati.Server.exe process in the task manager then the duplicati website will no longer load. Why does stopping the service not also kill this task?

Just guessing but you may actually be running two instances. The MSI installer will by default add an instance to the Startup group. If you have enabled the Windows Service but didn’t remove it from Startup, that could be your issue.

You can tell if you have more than one instance by checking http://localhost:8200, http://localhost:8300, etc. You may want to start the Service back up before you test them. Do you get a web UI on more than one URL?